Nothing but a Sunday

Welcome to my little space in my Mac.  Food. Food Related. Things I like and I like, love food. That’s my goal.  If only for myself and maybe a few others.

B is just a nickname for a longer name reserved mostly for people over the age of sixty.  Bee. Beason. Butter Bee. Butter Baloney. All things the people I love and love me back get to throw around.  Brulee for my Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee recipe that was deemed so good the taster said he “wanted to punch  me in the face.” So there you have it Bee Brulee.

Obsessor as I am. I’ve had too many lists made about what to post. Just post it I said- It’s just a Sunday although it is Halloween.  Today- off to procure Moroccan Chicken ingredients.  Cooks Illustrated Recipe. My favorite novel reading- 4 page explanations on how to make potato salad or the like.  Today it’s 3 pages on Moroccan Chicken.  So the post is here.  For me. And maybe you.

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1 Response to Nothing but a Sunday

  1. marumodern says:

    I can’t wait to eat your good recipies

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