Apple Butter of My Eye

Apple Butter

The stuff crepes and toast dream of.

If you have really good vision, you will notice there isn’t a speck of butter in that ingredient list. Delicious should be one of the listed words on the ingredient list; however, sadly, it is not.  The incorporation of butter refers to the thicker consistency produced by the long, low heat cooking of apples with water (or vinegar) to break down the fruit and caramelize the sugars.  To me, it just says autumn. Hints of cinnamon and cloves are the stuff raked piles of leaves should be made of.  

You can make your own apple butter which is described as easy. Perhaps a crock pot version would make me feel less angst against the process? I sort of feel about the canning process the way I feel about homemade pie dough. Life is too short.  Somethings I religiously make from scratch but experience in canning for me is that it was a lot of work, cost more than just buying the product and I wasn’t able to use up that much of it. I still have jars of homemade strawberry jam from seven years ago. A batch of jam that probably cost me $15/jar when I factor in the strawberry picking, Ball jars, etc..Spending the day with a good friend learning how to do all this was worth it but not something I’m quick to repeat. This crazy friend cans all her garden making pickles, tomato sauces, chili sauce, etc..while working full-time travelling the world for a major automotive company and raising three children under the age of six. She makes me feel very, very lazy.

We’ve become devotees of this (pictured above) locally produced Apple Butter from a family owned cider mill (Franklin Cider Mill.)  Other favorites if you can’t make it to Michigan before Thanksgiving: Trader Joe’s brand or Target brand Archer Farms are pretty good.

The special occasion meal in my house? Answer:  Crepes with Apple Butter. Or Pot-a-chink as my sweet calls them but I think he means Palachinka (after a little research, for Eastern European Crepes.)

Really? Crepes with Apple Butter? That’s all it takes to make someones day?  I personally add a little Nutella and banana to mine.  When you care, you oblige.

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1 Response to Apple Butter of My Eye

  1. Patrick says:

    Crepes and apple butter are my favorite.

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