Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce and Garlic Basil Oil

This one is not my own. I wish I could claim the rights for simple genius! Once again, magic ingredient…butter.  From Steamy Kitchen Blog: Click here for recipe from Steamy Kitchen Blog. Short on time today or I would insert the recipe text right in.

This is a short entry today. Have to help MaruModern paint his new house.  Painters quit, something to do with INS, I don’t ask questions. I just rally when asked. Oh, how I love to paint over purple, bright pink, bright yellow, several coats. heavy sarcasm. I don’t like to paint at all but I’m good at it (good enough), I’m free labor, and I don’t have to be micromanaged. See his blog in my blogroll and you’ll understand the horror I am about it embark on. I’m too nice. I should stay home and make brownies.

Try the recipe- delicious! It takes a little time but it’s worth it. Even microwaved the next day it’s spectacular- gets better maybe even?  It will give you a few new tricks in your bag too: boiling the tomatoes to peel the skins- works like a charm! If tomatoes are not at peak, use canned. I won’t tell.  Don’t rush the Basil Garlic Oil, start it when you start the whole recipe and let it just sit on low and get warm- it doesn’t need to simmer or boil.

Last two tips and then I’ll just let the photos roll…1. Don’t cook your pasta all the way. Really, drain it when you can tell it’s about 1 minute away from being done. It will finish cooking when you are tossing it in the pan with the sauce. Honest, I swear it will. Don’t overcook your noodle.  2. I don’t mess around with dividing up the oil amongst each serving. Just drizzle it over the whole mess in the pan. Why waste time, it will all end up there anyways right?

Enjoy! Time to find my painter pants.

Basil and Butter await their delicious fate.

Genius in the making.

Tomatos in a pan. Does it really need a caption?The melding process.

The melding process.

Pour it over. Mix it up. Gastronomic Happiness Awaits.

Ta Dahhh! Thanks Steamy Kitchen for the greatness!

Have a great Saturday!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Merci for adding les accents!!!

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