tap, tap, tap. hello, are you still there?

We will rise again! Beebrulee is back!

I promise I did not get abducted in South Beach since my last post seven months ago. Wow, what a loser! That would have been way more exciting to come back with an abduction story.

I am alive and well, just living in a new house with a slapyerselfsilly kitchen.  No excuses other than, hmm let’s see- Sold almost the entire contents of my house to combine households with the now fiance (ha.cough.ha- me got rid of everything…) Moved. Got engaged. Took the family to Disneyworld. Started back to work. Gettin’ hitched next month. You know, just normal everyday stuff. No excuses.

Now, I’m promising to get back on the foodwagon. And just wait til you see my new kitchen- ooohhweee.

Stay tuned please- It’s fall and it’s time to warm up the house with good stuffs.


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1 Response to tap, tap, tap. hello, are you still there?

  1. Best Sista says:

    Looking forward to your return!

    xoxo Ruth

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